Calvary (Catholic) Cemetery
Located on the west side of Chicago
Road US-12, on the business route, across from Topinabee Road, Niles City.

Sign 1 Cemetery roadway
Overview photos by: Teresa O'Riley
Sign 2
overview Fitzgerald
Photo by: Gary Fox

Partial older burial listing

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Bachman, Caroline 1833 1903 -
Bachman, Margaret, J June 1906 July 1906 do Mills Bachman
Basso, Annie 1867 1932 photo of stone
Basso, James 1860 1944 -
Casey, William D age 61 yrs Apr 15, 1929 burial date -
Fitzgerald, Margaret (Karren) or Carrin aged 55 yrs June 29, 1892 wo Patrick per church records
contributed by: Gary Fox & Photo by: Tina Fox -
Fitzgerald, Patrick Aug 11, 1871 May 18, 1903 so Patrick & Margaret Carrin Fitzgerald - per death cert.
Fitzgerald, Patrick 1831 Juy 4, 1903 death cert.
Gardner, Ava Marie (Gallivan)
10 Apr 1866
Galien, MI
11 Sep 1952
Berrien Co., Michigan
Father, Michael Gallivan
and motherHonorah Hannah Crahen
John Walker
Gardner, Edward Buell
23 Apr 1867
Weesaw Twp.Berrien Co., MI
23 Dec 1933
Father,Aaron Earl Gardner
and mother, Ellen Densy Webster
John Walker
Gawne, Margaret Gannon (Peg)
Died in Burke Virginia
Jauch, Elizabeth Lillian Jan 28, 1880 July 6, 1949 widow of John Jauch
Pane, Joseph
Son of Peter and Rosaria Pane
Skalla, Rosa
6 May 1927
24 April 1988
Skalla, William S.
21 April 1927
2 September 1997
Steck, Clara Mrs (Zilke) Apr 26, 1877 Nov 22, 1943 widow of John
Steck, John   Oct 23, 1942  
Steck, Rose May 1, 1898 Aug 22, 1918 do John & Clara Steck
drownd in Baron Lake, Cass Co.
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