Highland Cemetery
Located on Brown School Road in St. Joseph Township.

In 1906 the January 7th carried an article of a City Council Meeting where the sale of Highland Cemetery was discussed. The mayor was requested to appoint a committee a three in conjunction with the cemetery trustees to discuss the best figure that Highland could be sold for and also possible locations to consider for a new cemetery. The St. Joseph City cemetery on Lake Shore road was already near capacity. It was desired to locate a new cemetery near interurban lines where funeral trains could run without trouble to the cemeteries. Evidently this cemetery was not sold as it is owned and operated by the City Of St. Joseph. There are not that many stones visible and evidently is is not longer used for burial purposes as other newer cemeteries are available.
dc = death certificate

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Kacicshke Family Plot
Lotzine Schreiber
Lindt, Marie

Stone photographs by: Teresa O'Riley

Lindt, Phillip

Partial Listing of Known Burials

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes/Comments
Bailey, Chauncy 73 yrs Mar 21, 1946 obit date obit
Bansen, Mary H 1901 1937 stone
Hollister, Isabella Apr 14, 1913 June 13, 1913 dc
Howser, Bertha (Ruppel) Oct 29, 1890 Dec 27, 1911 dc
Huelsberg, Anna (Osman) Sep 16, 1834 Dec 11, 1911 dc - wo William
Huelsberg, William Apr 13, 1828 Mar 16, 1913 dc
Kasischke, Carl J 69 yrs 11 mo 7 d's Nov 13, 1910 dc
Kaasischke, Caroline 1838 1922 old listing
Kendrick, Elizabeth 1808 1894 old listing
Lindt, Louise 3 yrs 6 months Jan 14, 1899 dc - spelled as Sinde on dc
do Phillip & Marie Linde
Lindt, Marie Feb 14, 1873 Sep 13, 1909 dc nee Meschke- wo Phillip
Lindt, Pauline Marie Sept 14, 1899 Mar 24,1914 dc - do of Phillip Lindt
Lindt, Phillip Oct 8, 1869 Nov 18, 1902 dc - born Germany
Lotzin, Herman 1848 July 17, 1903 dc & old listing
Lotzin, Yettie 1874 need date wo Herman
Meschke, Wilhelm - William on dc Oct 9, 1821 Feb 19, 1902 dc born Germany
Miller, Frank B June 8, 1868 Jan 9, 1911 dc
Miller, Lena C Oct 15, 1878 Nov 6, 1897 do Miles & Mary Jensen Miller
Prieb, Willie Aug 11, 1890 June 16, 1904 dc - so Herman & Elizabeth Priebe
Ruppel, Jacob Sep 24, 1846 Mar 11, 1912 dc
Schreiber, Arnold July 10, 1841 Aug 2, 1911 dc
Schreiber, Everinda Aug 6, 1857 Oct 2, 1910 dc wo Arnold
Stowe, Schuler F 1845 1912 old listing
Tafke, Charlotte 1826 1897 wo Herman = old listing
Wadsworth, Clarissa Ms. 78 yrs 4 m's 17 d's Jan 31, 1902 do Davie & Clarissa Wasworth
Wadsworth, Sarah A 1819 Dec 15, 1903 dc
Wadsworth, Seth Poter 1818 Dec 8, 1904 dc
Walter, Ed Oct 22, 1858 Oct 10, 1910 old listing

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