Kathryn Park Cemetery

Buchanan Township

Located on the corner of Fourth and Moccasin Streets in Buchanan Township.

Kathryn Park Cemetery - Abandoned - claimed graves and stones moved to Oak Ridge Cemetery in Buchanan. Realizing a burial ground was needed in or near the town of Buchanan, some concerned citizens purchased an acre lot from Mr. Mitchell circa 1844. The first burial, as noted on pages 252 and 253 of Berrien County Directory and History: Ed B. Cowles Editor and Publisher: 1871. As stated on page 253, the first burial in this cemetery was a child of David Sanford. Second and third burials were Mrs. Nichols daughter of Mr. Balengee and her infant child.

Entrance     Memorial

Contributed by Nancy Heib
The list of persons that were buried in the Kathryn Park Cemetery (a.k.a. "The Old Burying Ground"),
in Buchanan, Michigan, was published in the "Buchanan Record" newspaper, in Buchanan, Michigan,
on March 14, 1895.  Click here to see image of this article.
This article was transcribed by William Brackett and it reads:  
    The circuit Court- In Chancery, of Berrien county, Michigan, having made an order vacating the old cemetery in the village of Buchanan in said county; all persons having friends buried in said cemetery and wishing to remove the remains of those buried will please attend to it as soon as the ground is in suitable condition.  Otherwise, the village authorities will remove all that can be found of the remains of those buried there.  The sexton of Oak Ridge cemetery will assist those who may so desire. 
    A list of the dead, so far as known, is given below.
    Sarah S., wife of J. M. Bliss, Frank S., son of S. and L. Bliss, Mary, daughter of P. and F. F. Bliss, Viola, daughter of J. B. and A. M. Munger, Martha J., daughter of L. and J. Munger.  Herman Bender.  Abram H. Bunker. William Mead.  Eunice, wife of William Mead.  Elisha L., son of A. J. and J. A. Sapp.  Victor P., son of S. C. and E. A. Westfall.  Watson B., son of S. C. and E. A. Westfall.  Pheba A., daughter of S. and R. Stump.  Abigail, wife of J. L. Hickman.  Emma F. wife of William Pennell.  Catherine, wife of S. W. Epley.  Lottie and Edwin, children of C. and S. Epley. Walter A., son of E. M. and M. T. Penwell.  Oscar B., son of T. and L. L. Reed.  Mary E., daughter of William and R. J. Powers.  Elmer, son of R. and M. Dalrymple.  Smith Fitch.  Jane E., wife of H. N. Mowrey.  Edwin L., son of J. A. and S. M. Wilson.  Lidia, daughter of J. and A. E. Willard.  Henry and Herman, children of J. and A. E. Willard. Nadah, son of H. and P. Hathaway.  John R., son of J. and R. Lemore. Deloss Brown.  John H., son of E. and S. Hazen.  Belinda S., daughter of E. and S. Hazen.  Ira Mansfield.  Wm. E., son of J. C. and J. A. Morley.  Margaret A., wife of E. M. Platts.  Noah Devenport.  Almenda E., daughter of C. and C. Marey.  Mary E., daughter of Jacob and C. Hall.  Joseph L. H. son of D. and A. Wood.  William Brook.  Malissa A., wife of Jospeh Cood.  Zipporah, wife of Henry J. Hall.  Sarah, daughter of H. J. and Z. Hall.  Harvey son of J. M. and S. A. Albert.  Ester L., daughter of E. E. Hollinger, ______________, wife of D. M. Frame.  Hannah M., daughter of A. and M. Young.  Jared W. Gillett.  Amanda A., wife of Edson Wood, Jr.  Asa Gillett.  Benjamin S., son of J. S. and S. Price.  Marinda E., daughter of J. and S. Price.  Josiah S. Beckwith.  Martha C., wife of John Curran.  Alexander E. Curran.  Fredrick E., son of J. and E. Walling.  Catherine, wife of William P. Graham.  Mattew Parrott.  Jane, Wife of M. Parrott.  Julia F., Benton S., and Jasper, children of J. M. and J. J. Molsbery.  David J., son of H. and M. Mitchel.  Polly, wife of Robert Cathcart.  Theodalinda, wife of Geo. R. Treat.  Lydia, wife of Price Cooper.  Price Cooper.  Warner Hooker.  Susan, wife of Chas. Brewster.  Mary J., daughter of T. and C. Marsh.  Damris, wife of Thomas Marsh.  Henry R., son of J. and R. Slater.  Leonard H., son of J. R. Slater.  Ella J., daughter of N. J. and P. T. Slater.  Mary Ellen, wife of T. T. Brookfield.  Little Clara, daughter of W. G. and E. A. Slater.  Chas. Brewster.  Rebecca P., wife of John Cutts.  Rebecca, wife of Jonathan Platts.  Elizabeth, wife of Wm. and E. Cooper.  Angeline A., daughter of Wm and E. Cooper.  Frances M., son of Wm. and E. Cooper.  John G., son of John and M. Cooper.  Mary L., daughter of John and L. C. Cooper.  Minerva N., daughter of N. and M. Barmore.  Elbridge Marsh.  Thomas Marsh.  Harvey, Arthur and Albert, children of R. E. Mead.  Martha J., daughter of H. R. and A. Hobert.  S. C. Graham.
                                                                                                                      J. P. BEISTLE,
                                                                                                                      GEO. W. DALRYMPLE,
                                                                                                                      CHAS. A. HOWE,
                                                                                                                                  Cemetery Committee."

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