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Benton Harbor, The Mechanics, Chevrolet Agency. Bill Bridges is second from left and Chuck Burroughs is last on right.  Others are unknown. Photo Circa early 1930's.
Submitted By Barbara Probst
Benton Harbor, The Mechanics, Chevrolet Agency. The mechanics in this picture are named, from left to right: Bert Bergmark, Chet Marshall, Chuck Gast, Bill Bridges (my dad), Fred Huelsberg,  Keigley (first name unknown), Harry Brown (my mother wasn't sure of this man's name), Charlie Burroughs, and Harmon (last name unknown). Photo Circa 1940's.
Submitted By Barbara Probst
Sheldon Bridgman, Michigan circa 1903 group photo, probably confirmation photo.
From the family files of Suzanne (Sheldon) Levy: Fairfax, Virginia
---- This photo includes my grandmother, Anna Gitersonke Sheldon. She is the second from left in the middle row. According to the back of the photo, one of the other girls is Alvina Gast, but I'm not sure which one she is. Anna was born in October, 1890 so I suspect the photo was taken around 1903. Alvina Gast, born Reck, was the wife of Edward Gast, Anna's half brother. She was born in December 1890.
    Best guess is that this is a confirmation photo, probably from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bridgman. If not, it could be a graduation photo. Grandma was born and raised in Bridgman and later worked at the Warren Featherbone factory in Three Oaks, where she met my grandfather, Frank Chatterson Sheldon. Two of her sisters, Minnie G. Drier and Elizabeth G. Stanage, also settled in Three Oaks.
BandBelieved to be: "Buchanan City Band". The photos were taken by Elon J. Elson who was a photographer there in Buchanan from 1896 to 1905. 
In the first photo, Charles in the second man kneeling in the second row from the right. In the next he is standing in the middle with the horn behind the boy in front.
On their caps are the letters "BCB" Buchanan City Band?
If Charles was 18 or 19 at the time of these photos then the photos would of been taken in 1904 or 1905. Charles passed away in 1950 in Jackson, Michigan.
These photos are from the collection of Ruth (Marble) McVeigh
BandBelieved to be: "Buchanan City Band". The photos were taken by Elon J. Elson who was a photographer there in Buchanan from 1896 to 1905.
Photos sent in by:
Tom McVeigh - Tucson, Arizona - from the collections of Ruth Louisa (Marble) McVeigh.
Coloma, Michigan. The German Band. Alvin Kniebes 2nd from the right standing. Photo Circa Mid 1890's. (Barbara believes there are many Kniebes 'cousins'  in this picture).
Submitted By Barbara Probst
Coloma, Michigan. The German Band. Alvin Kniebes is the 2nd man from the right in the back row.  He played a cornet. Photo Circa Late 1890's.
Submitted By Barbara Probst
David N Walker holding thedog, his wife Edith M.Snuff to his right (John's great grandparents), in front of the dog is Doc Warren Smith, in front of Doc is his brother Lawrence Smith, small woman in the front and right is their sister Gertrude Smith (Anstiss).The women to her right is Dehlia Correll (wife of Frank Cameron), behind her with her arms around Dehlia is Abby Hadsell (wife of Charles Cameron and then Dr. Fred Henderson).Behind Abby is Gertrude Shearer and to her left is Charles Cameron.Guy in front and center is Clyde Walker.
Submitted By John Walker
David & Clyde Walker noted on Photo. Others Unknown.
Submitted By John Walker
Group Work Photo. A Group of people at a work place. Photo in the Possesion of Robert and Ella Reum Clouse.
Submitted By James Clouse
Grand Beach, Staff at the Golfmore Hotel.
Taken the summer of 1934. Built in the 1920s & burned in 1939. Willard H. Case, (Grandfather of Russ), was the boilerman at the hotel.  He is the man with the cap and arms folded to the right, and second row from the top.
Submitted By Russ Case

Niles, Michigan Wire Goods Company. Front Left, Edna (Hibberd) Schutt. Back 5th from Left, Ann (Hibberd) Stahl.
Michigan Wire was located in downtown Niles, they made Mole traps and other metal products.
Submitted By John Walker

Stevensville, Confirmation class from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Photo taken in the Spring of 1930.  The 2nd boy on the left is Ernest (nmn) Fausak, son of Adolf and Amalie Fausak of Bridgman.  The man may be Pastor Essig; the names of the others are unknown.
Submitted By Lee Fausak
Three Oaks, Top row left to right: John Edward Bommerscheim, Frederick E Ludtke, Helen F McKie(Ludtke), Nellie Bommerscheim (Hovey), Adelaide Ray (Addie) McKie,  James Edward McKie, Joseph Ferdinand Bommerscheim, George Douglas. Middle row left to right: Maude M Vincent(Douglas), Nellie, Augusta M Hepner(McKie), Edna Bommerscheim. Bottom row: children unknown. Picture dates after 1900. Circa 1900-1915.  Could have been taken by the Dewey Cannon, Three Oaks Michigan. Photo was provided by Joseph E McKie of Three Oaks.
Submitted By David McKie
Warren Otis - Warren Gathering near Three Oaks circa 1900
Contributed by: Susan Langley

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