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My name is Bev Edwards and I am a genealogist. Besides digging up our ancestors, I have dug for sibblings,
volunteered to help others in their search and I have even looked up historical places for those who have a taste for history.

These web pages are for those who may know the people in the pictures and would like a copy.
If any of the people in the pictures are living and would like them removed contact me.
Correct me if I am wrong in the spelling of names.


The Photographer has been FOUND!!! 4 April 2008.
With the help of the Genealogical Society of Berrien County members, the photographer of
These wonderful photo's has been located and has all of the names for the people in the
pictures plus information to add.

THANK YOU Sherwood Snyder for the Photo's and your Help.

Sherwood took all of these snapshots and believes he gave a set to everyone involved.
How he managed that on the meager pay they received as "clerks" is beyond him.
he used his parents old box brownie and was practicing the use of time exposures
when he undertook the project. (He did a fabulous job).


Click on the picture's for enlargements
Photo's taken 1945-1946
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#1 Farmers And Merchants Bank
#2 Bank Lobby

#3 Kenneth Keefer
Vice President
Born: 12 October 1892
Died: July 1969
Kenneth Keefer and son lived on Pipestone in the "great homes" area.

#4 Mary Farnum-Hall
Mary was Sherwood's boss and a relative of Don Farnum, the legendary basketball coach at Benton Harbor High School.  The gym carries his name
#5 Richard Williard
(A Bank Romance with June Field). Richard became the president of the F& M bank.
#6 Janice Emhoff #7 Sherwood Snyder Sherwood went on to study theatre in New York City, received his Ph.D. at University of Minnesota, taught at several universities, and retired from Chicago State University. #8 Clara Marie Dumond Price
Born: 29 July 1921
Died: 13 June 2006

Clara's father was Joseph Hastings Dumond who worked at the Herald-Palladium in Benton Harbor for many years.
#9 Vere Beckwith
Born: 22 October 1889
Died: 3 December 1974 Vere lived on Empire.



Farmers And Merchants Bank Employee Biographies

#7 & #23 Sherwood Snyder Information dontated by Sherwood.

# 8 Clara Marie Dumond Price Information donated from notes left by Mom.

#30 Lois Isabelle Hammontree Griese Information donated by Bonnie J. Fago



Send me your F & M Bank Biography & I will be happy add it to the site.

Information sent to me by e-mail: F&M Bank was officially Farmers and Merchants Bank. It merged with the National Bank of Detroit and
then Bank One and is now a part of JP Morgan Chase or Chase Bank.The original building was located in the 100 block of West Main Street
in Benton Harbor. It moved some years ago to 400 Riverview Drive in Benton Harbor where Chase still has a branch.



The original Snaps photo album was donated to the Berrien County Genealogical Society.
(It seemed appropriate)


4 June 2007 Addition
Loads of pictures identified, as of this date, by Adeline Grams-Krieger, through the Berrien County Genealogical Society.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3 October 2006 Addition
Going through what I have of my mother's pics this morning, trying to find a picture of the Church where we were raised in St. Joseph County for another Coordinator for MI GenWeb, and I ran across this picture that I had tossed aside to idnetify at a later date. I turned it over this time and found names written on the back. I then realized that these women looked familiar to me. We now have some names to faces of women who worked for the Farmers and Merchants bank.

25 April 2008 Addition
3 Photos added . Dontated by Sherwood Snyder.

The group of women who worked with Mom at the Farmers and Merchants bank in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Berrien County. Circa 1943 -- 1950. List of names as is on the back of the picture.

Front Row, Left to right - #17 & #25 Marriane Bush, #27 Iva Anderson, #30 Isabelle Griese, #21 & #26 Beverly Strome, #19 Evelyn Grams, #22 Ella Washburn.
Back Row, Left to right - Elsie Mallenjer, #31 Beatrice Puterbaugh, #16 Esther Weinberg, Helen Cook, #6 Janice Emhoff, #12 June Field, Vera Shwartz, #17 Adeline Grams-Krieger, #4 Mary Farnum, #32 & #33 Dorothy Bittner.

Please contact me if you have any information on these people or if the names are not spelled right or the order of the women. I am just going by what mom has written. Thank you...and hope to hear from you soon.


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