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Poor Farm -- or -- County Infirmary,
Berrien County,

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County poor farms were set up through out the US as a humanitarian effort to aid the homeless for many reasons. Some residents , also known as inmates in the census, found themselves there because of failing heath and mind. With health and life insurance policies almost non-existent in those days, many had not put aside funds for old age and could not care for their needs. And many were forgotten by those who they brought into this world and who did not care to make accommodations for them. In some cases the needs of the disabled were beyond the physical capabilities of the family. Others had come from lives of luxury and through poor investments or being swindled, found themselves in this unenviable position. One of the saddest noted were the children with perhaps one parent surviving or none and being helpless; making it necessary to seek shelter here.

Brief History:
The first official action of supervisors to support a County Poor-House and Farm is recorded and dated Oct 27, 1837. There must have been some sort of temporary arrangements made for the poor until the next major resolution was passed.

In 1847 the County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to purchase land in Berrien Township for the establishment of a poor farm. They purchased this property from Richard McOmber who had settled in this area in about 1835. It was located in the Northeast , section 17 and at that time had only 160 acres with buildings and land.  After sale of the property he moved to Buchanan, in the same county.
Additional acreage about 32 acres, was added later. The original house built in 1847 was about 18 X 26 feet.   John Tate had the contract for taking care of the home and inmates from May 28, 1847 to Apr 1, 1848 for $295.00.   In 1851 a new system for caring for the poor and financially helpless of Berrien County to house them came into being.  Mr. H. W. Hawley took charge of the farm.

The Poor Farm was totally destroyed by fire on December 8, 1868 (Ref: St. Joseph Herald Dec 12, 1868.) It was thought that the fire might have caught from the kitchen chimney. The keeper and inmates attempted in vain to save the building but it burnt to the ground. When saving the building proved futile the inmates heroically concentrated on saving as much as they could of the furnishings, bedding etc.. There were approximately 32 pauper residents living there at that time. In the interim for being rebuilt they were given lodging in the village of Berrien where a building was rented for temporary housing. The County Home was rebuilt in 1869-1870. St. Joseph Herald (Saint Joseph, Michigan) states in the January 22, 1870 edition that the poor-farm buildings are completed. The newer home was that of brick and ran well over budget.

It should be noted that S. C. Wheeler was the Superintendent of the Poor Farm in the late 1870's and was replaced by Capt. Bradley in about 1879. There are quite a few news articles about salaries and the replacement of Mr. Wheeler much to the chagrin of many of those who respected him.

In referencing the history books, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1879, there were fifty-nine males and thirty-eight females for a total of ninety-seven and an average of fifty-six that found refuge at the home at point or another during that year.   On April 1, 1880 the smoke house at the Poor Farm burned. No other buildings were affected and contents were partially saved but in damaged condition.

What happened to the Orphans of the county? In 1891 Dr. Amos Barlow was made Superintendent of the Michigan Children's Home Society and the society was Incorporated and called the Michigan Children's Home Society in 1893. Dr. Barlow was considered one of the founders of the home in the St. Joseph area and remained until January 12, 1908. Mrs. Cora Lamping replaced him. Within a few years the home found families to adopt or foster several hundred Orphans. For more history on the Michigan Children's Home Society, look here,

Through the years the farm became a colony within itself with orchards, vegetable gardens, corn and grain fields, barns, cows, chickens and pigs. Everyone who was physically capable did chores that they could manage. One couple that managed the farm in 1924 and several years after, were Mr. & Mrs. Edward Israel, who became very well known in the area. Before that Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Haviland were the executives. Also in the 1920's it should be noted that Charles Miller was the Superintendent for over 16 years.

In 1926 it was realized that the old structure was in desperate need of renovation and repair as some of it had become a "tinder box". Things had been stretched as far as they could be stretched and even an old out building was turned into living quarters. Conditions were unacceptable with over crowding of the inmates at these county funded buildings. When toured by county officials it was noted that there were two rooms set up as a hospital ward and another two fitted with heavy screening on the windows and set up for the mentally insane to keep them from harming themselves.  It was voted on and in June of 1928 there was a new $50,000 addition was added to the existing home. The new structure was made of brick and was a fine two story building with two Men's dormitories, a lounging room, general dining room and kitchen.

1936 brought more change and a new structure was built and completed in 1937. In addition to housing the unfortunate it also was operated as a hospital for local residents and renamed, Berrien County Hospital and Infirmary located near Berrien Center. It would later evolve into the Berrien General Hospital Center and from there Lakeland Medical Center. The 200 acres continued to be used by different county facilities.

Special Notes & Census Reports:   This farm housed hundreds of needy and disabled individuals over the decades. The census reports listed below most certainly does NOT suggest that those listed were the only ones that took shelter there. Because the majority of graves in the County Poor Farm Cemetery are unmarked, I felt we needed to honor as many of the people that lived there in some manner. This was done by offering the following census reports and seeking different newspaper articles about the folks there.

Many of the inmates listed below in the census, were laid to rest in the Poor House Cemetery aka, Berrien County Infirmary Cemetery. Many of the names that were transcribed and listed below from the census reports were very difficult to read. I did my best to transcribe them.

County Poor House - 1850 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Page 237B

Name Age Gender Occupation added notes
George Murphy 41 M Overseer Co. Poor from Virginia
Annie Murphy 30 F   born Ohio
Sanford Murphy 15 M   born Michigan
Elizabeth A Murphy 13 F   born Michigan
Matilda Murphy 10 F   born Michigan
George F Murphy 8 M   born Michigan
Catherine L Murphy 6 F   born Michigan
Jasper N Murphy 4 M   born Michigan
Patrick Henry 30 M   Ireland
John Truman 50 M    
Mary Truman 23 F    
George Hopkins 13 M    
end of poor farm        

County Poor House - 1860 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Township Page 115

Name Age Gender Occupation added notes
Murphy, George E 51 M Overseer Co. Poor  
Murphy, Mary M 30 F    
Murphy, Catherine L 16 F    
Murphy, Jasper A 15 M    
Murphy, Margaret 8 F    
Murphy, Rachel A 5 F    
Murphy, Anna M 3 F    
Murphy, Murray C 10/12 M    
Rosenburg, Henry 58 M Laborer  
Conley, Patrick 32 M Laborer  
O'Conner, Michael 76 M Laborer  
Elliott, Thomas 40 M Laborer  
Wade, Charles 47 M Sailor  
Masher,Slias 9 M    
Shade, Delow W 10 M    
Clark, William 11 M    
Gill, Asa 7 M    
Brown, William 67 M Laborer  
Gallagher, Margaret 17 F    
Vary, Helen 17 F Housekeeping  
Connoly, Ann 66 F    
Ellis, Sarah 23 F    
Benton, Rebecca 20 F Housekeeping  
Benton, Sarah Lovina 4/12 F    
Mulloney, Joann 25 F Housekeeping  
Mulloney, Wm Henry 4/12 F  
Wilds, Emma Ransey 28 F Housekeeping  
Wilson, Aaron 63 M farmer Insane
Falkner, Samuel 35 M Laborer Insane
Stroup, Jeremiah 18 M Laborer Insane
end of poor farm        

County Poor House - 1870 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp page  237B

Name Age Sex Ethicity Occupation State Born added notes
Boon, Henry H 47 M W Overseer Virg.  
Boon,Martha A 38 F W keeping house Mich  
Boon, William E 18 M W   Mich  
Boon, Harland P 16 M W   Mich  
Boon, Charles A 3 M W   Mich  
Gerpe, Lydia 18 F W Domestic Servant Ireland  
Felnogle, Kate 18 F W "   " Ohio  
Griswold, Ruther? 80 M W   Ohio  
Haggerty, Thomas 61 M W   New Jersey  
Dennend, J F 51 M W   New York  
Hobbans, Patrick 51 M W   Ireland  
Holton, Theodore 29 M W   Mich Idiotic
Faulkner, Samuel 40 M W New York Insane
Elliot, Thomas 45 M W   New York Deaf & Dumb
Murry, Michael 71 M W   Ireland Blind
O'Conner, Michael 85 M W   Ireland  
Colner, Edward 13 M W   Mich  
Wright, Albert 9 M W   Mich  
McOmber, Patsey 63 F W   New York
Blue, Mary 74 F W   Virginia  
Ellis, Sarah 40 F W   New York  
Gallager, Margaret 27 F W   Ireland  
Reymond, Louisa 13 F W   Mich  
Hobbins or Hobbies, Mary 50 F W   Ireland  
Keyser, Otis 37 M W   Germany  
end of poor farm            

County Poor House - 1880 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp pages 98 A & B

Name Ethicity Sex Age Relationship
or Trade
Occupation State Born added notes
Bradly, Thomas W M 62 Overseer New Hamp. Correct name was Capt. Thomas Bradley
Bradly, C. Martha W F 60 wife Marton New Hamp.  
Bradly, E. Grace W F 27 dau Teaching School New Hamp.  
Bradly, A. Martha W F 21 dau Cook Mich  
Ryther, Mary W F 24 Niece Teacher Mich  
Ryther, Kate W F 21 Niece Seamstress Mich  
Brownell, Huldah W F 25 Serant Servant Mich  
Peck, Allen W M 23 Attendent Attendent Penn  
Falkner, Samuel W M 58 Inmate   Unknown Insane
Rockwell, Samuel W M 30 Inmate   Mich Idiotic
King, Frank W M 18 Inmate   Mich Idiotic
Eliot, Thomas W M 53 Inmate   Mich Mute
Riser,Otto W M 48 Inmate Takes Care of Poultry Germany spelled as Ryser in 1870 census
Peck, Nathaniel W M 78 Inmate Shoemaker New York Insane
McVeigh, Edward W M 50 Inmate Painter Nova Scotia Intemperate
Sexton, Thomas W M 82 Inmate Laborer Ireland Old Age
Hill, Edward W M 25 Inmate   Mich Paralized
LaGraff, Frank W M 8 Inmate   Mich Paralysis
Conklin, William W M 73 Inmate Farmer New York Paralized
Hewett, James W M 74 Inmate Lumber man New York Cancer
Phillips, Reuben W M 77 Inmate Farmer Penn Blind
Elliot, Lucion W M 26 Inmate Farmer Mich Epileptic
Townsend, Eliza W F 30 Inmate Housekeeper Mich Insane
Galiger, Margret W F 35 Inmate - Ireland Blind
Raymond, Louisa W F 23 Inmate   Mich Epileptic
Ellis, Sally W F 53 Inmate housekeeper Unknown Idiotic
Mallory, Sarah W F 47 Inmate Servant Penn Rheumatism
Hamilton, Caroline W F 32 Inmate Servant Mich Syphilis
Peck, Hannah W F 76 Inmate Housekeeper Canada  
Shaw, Ellen W F 52 Inmate Servent Ohio Rheumatism
Galva, Thresa W F 28 Inmate Servant Ill Malformation
Kirk, Jane W F 40 Inmate   Mich Mute
Bennett, Daniel W M 83 Inmate Shoe Maker New York Old Age
Bennett, Amy W F 22 Inmate   Mich  
Bennett, Daniel W M 1 Inmate   Mich  
Dunke, Conrad W M 32 Inmate   Germany Idiotic
name may be Dunke
Horton, Nancy W F 40 Inmate Servant Kentucky Rheumatism
Boland, Thomas W M 63 Inmate Sailor Ireland Ulcer on Leg
Den, Charles W M 16 Inmate   Mich Idiot
Venous, Rupert W M 41 Inmate farmer England Paralyzed
Wilcox, Susan W F 41 Inmate Servant New York  
Henderson, Wm W M 68 Inmate Huckster England Paralyzed
Deaner, Conrad W M 82 Inmate Wheel Wright Maryland  
Wilcox, Charles W M 9/12     Mich born Sept 1879
Kiefer, Nicholas W M 14 Inmate Germany Epileptic
Pooler, Phineas W M 2 Inmate   Mich Rupture
Woods, Sarah W F 76 Inmate Servant New York  
Anderson B M 104 Inmate Laborer Virginia  
Hoadly, C. Alexander W M 12 Inmate at School Mich  
Faulkner, George W M 55 Inmate   New York Cancer
Eiver, Anna W F 26 Inmate   Atlantic Ocean Idiotic
Moors, Asenith W F 50 Inmate housekeeper Mich -
end of poor farm              

County Poor House - 1900 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp page  244A

Name Relationship
or Trade
Ethicity Sex Birth
Birth Year Age Marital Status State Born Occupation added notes
Light, Isaac Head W M Oct 1836 63 M PA Mge Poor Farm wed 39 yrs
Supt. from 1881 to 1906.
Light, Mary E Wife W F Aug 1840 59 M PA Matron Poor Farm 3 of 3 children
or Gidurn, Jessie L
Grand-Dau W F Dec 1882 17 S MI Asst Matron  
Powell, Lydia Servant W F Apr 1862 38 WD MI Cook 6 of 7 children still living
Coats, Mabel Servant W F Aug 1885 14 S MI Asst. Housekeeper  
Powell, Jennie Boarder W F Oct 1886 13 S MI at school  
Paul, James M Servant W M Mar 1863 37 D Mi Farm Laborer  
Hill, Edward Inmate W M Jan 1856 44 S MI or Hilt  
Townsend, Eliza Inmate W F Jan 1850 50 M MI wed 34 yrs l child living
Galvin, Theresa Inmate W F Mar 1852 48 S MI    
Legroff, Frank Inmate W M Feb 1873 29 S MI   this is Frank LaGraff
born at the county farm
Poolen, Phineas Inmate W M Mar 1878 22 S MI    
Olmstead, Adolphes Inmate W M Jan 1847 53 S MI    
Gross, Anna Inmate W F Apr 1833 67 ? Germany 7 of 7 children living
North, Mary Inmate W F Feb 1841 69 S MI    
Swear, Elizabeth Inmate W F May 1829 71 WD MI   1 of 2 children living
Appett, Tooly Inmate W F Jan 1865 35 WD MI    
Webster, Lewis Inmate W F Mar 1872 28 S MI    
Larson, Charles Inmate W M May 1891 9 S MI    
Scovilla, Frank Inmate W M Feb 1842 58 S MI    
Holgate, Elizabeth Inmate W F May 1808 92 Wd MI    
Shearer, Jacob Inmate W M Jun 1831 69 M Germany   wed 40 yrs
Shearer, Mary Inmate W F Apr 1823 77 M Germany   wed 40 yrs
0 children
Howater, Sarah Inmate W F Feb 1862 38 S Penn    
Casselman, Henry Inmate W M May 1822 78 M Ohio   Wed 50 yrs to Lucy
Casselman, Lucy Inmate W F Dec 1829 70 M Ohio   2 of 4 children living
Starrett, Martha Inmate W F Jan 1859 41 M MI   wed 20 yrs
3 or 3 children living
Freiber, August Inmate W M July 1820 79 W MI    
Sockeridge, Samuel Inmate W M Jan 1815 85 Wd MI    
Underly, Catharine Inmate W F June 1841 58 Wd MI   2 of 2 children living
Miller, John Inmate W M Feb 1828 72 S Scotland    
Stuck, Hattie M Inmate W F May 1849 51 Wd New York   4 of 4 children living
Churchhill, Mary Inmate W F Apr 1855 45 S MI    
Smith, Michael Inmate W M Feb 1832 68 Wd Ireland    
Urich, Minnie Inmate W F Mar 1822 78 Wd Germany   3 of 3 children living
Look, Peter Inmate W M Jan 1845 55 S New York    
Hart, Leona Inmate W F Apr 1887 13 S MI    
Hipp, Elizabeth Inmate W F May 1851 49 Wd MI   no children
Jenners, Joseph Inmate W M Aug 1829 70 Wd Vermont    
Schrater, William Inmate W M Oct 1833 66 S Penn    
Howater, Emma Inmate W F April 1865 35 S MI    
end of poor farm
7 staff &
36 Inmates

County Poor House - 1910 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp page  185A
Note on top of page states" "Copied from Jan Sched. & Feb. Report in office

Name Relationship
or Trade
Sex Ethicity Age Marital Status Children
State Born added notes
Egan, John Inmate M W 66 Wd     US  
Hill, Edward Inmate M W 56 S     US  
Dunke, Conrad Inmate M W 63 S     Germany  
LaGraff, Frank Inmate M W 37 S     US  
Shrader, William Inmate M W 26 M     US Blind
Nagle, John Inmate M W 30 S     US  
Hartze, Adam Inmate M W 72 S     Germany  
Abbott, Lula Inmate F W 45 S     US  
Howater, Emma Inmate F W 45 S     US  
Murphy, Mary Inmate F W 86 Wd 3 2 Ireland also see burial listing
Sink, Perl M Inmate F W 36 Wd     US  
Brown, Charles Inmate M W 47 S     US  
Keller, William Inmate M W 89 M     US also see burial listing
Aurndt, Amelia Inmate F W 45 S     Germany Shows as Mundt on 1930 census
Burgwell, Frederick Inmate M W 23 M     Germany  
Goldfuss, Kate M Inmate F W 27 S     US  
Burgee, Percilla Inmate F W 23 S     US  
Summerell, William Inmate M W 82 M     US  
Coats, Alfred Inmate M W 78 M     England Blind
O'Neal, Edward Inmate M W 55 S     Canada Blind
Bennett, Aaron Inmate M W 71 S     US  
Schake, Otto Inmate M W 46 S     Germany  
Coffelt, Elizabeth Inmate F W 81 M     US surname may be Coffelt
Dann, Davis
or Louis
Inmate M W 79 S     Germany  
Tompson, Mary E Inmate F W 78 Wd     US  
Starrett, Martha Inmate F W 51 S     US  
Howater, Sarah Inmate F W 48 S     US  
Slate, Calvin Inmate M W 25 S     US  
Bean, Elizabeth Inmate F W 72 Wd 1 1 US  
Fisher, Mary Inmate F W 91 Wd - - US  
Higbee, Ellen Inmate F W 78 Wd 2 2 US  
Edjin, Nancy J Inmate F W 29 S - - US aka Edgen
Espy, William Inmate M W 55 M     US  
Casper, William Sr Inmate M W 60 M     US -
Beecraft, Serena Inmate F W 79 Wd     US  
Roof, John Inmate M W 75 S     Sweden  
Price, Ida Inmate F W 44 D 5 5 US  
Johnson, Mrs. Martin Inmate F W 80 Wd 1 1 Sweden  
Smith, Inze J Inmate F W 73 Wd     Norway  
Atkins, John Inmate M W 67 S     Scotland see burial listing
Hassion, John Inmate M W 71 S     Ireland  
Smith, Lucy Inmate F W 66 Wd 1 1 US  
Wheeler, Lara Inmate F W 25 S     US  
Churchill, Mary Inmate F W 55 S     US  
Newton, Alice Inmate F W 59 M 3 1 US  
Deardoff, Emaline Inmate F W 63 S     US  
Teller, Eugene Inmate M W 58 S     US  
Kanberd, Barbara Inmate F W 75 Wd     Germany  
end of poor farm
Berrien Twp Page 183
shows management of farm
Miller, Charles Farm Mgt M W 64 M1 - - Louisiana wed 36 yrs
Miller, Mary wf
F W 58 M1 7 7   wed 36 yrs
Miller, Catharine Daughter
F W 28 S     Mich
Miller, Charles W son
Farm Laborer
M W 21 S     Mich  
Miller, Mary M Daughter
F W 19 S     Mich  
Almon, Glenn Hired Man M W 20 S     Virginia  
Granger, Effie Servant F W 30 D     Mich  

County Poor House - 1920 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp page 139 sheet A
Enumerated on the 4th of Feb 1920

Name Relationship
Sex Ethicity Age Marital Status State Born Occupation added notes
Miller, Charles Head M W 74 Wd Louis. Supt. County Farm
Miller, Charles Son M W 31 S MI Laborer
Miller, Mary M Daughter F W 29 S MI Matron
Lousch, Esther Servant F W 18 S MI Servant
Schadler, Wanda Servant F W 17 S MI house Servant
Dunke, Conrad Inmate M W 72 S German    
LaGraff, Frank Inmate M W 45 S Holland  
Abbott, Lula Inmate F W 54 S MI  
Eagan, John Inmate M W 76 S MI   I believe this is Patrick Egen CW Vet
Hawks, Lidia Inmate F W 48 S MI  
Wilson, Charles Inmate M W 69 S MI  
Parish, Ida Inmate F W 55 S MI  
Parson, Jerry Inmate M W 70 S USA  
Johnson, Mary Inmate F W 64 Wd Sweden  
King, Katherine Inmate F W 77 Wd Indiana  
Heffner, John Inmate M W 61 S USA  
Arndt, Amelia Inmate F W 54 S Germany  
Goldfus,Kate Inmate F W 36 S MI  
Farling, Israel Inmate M W 83 S MI  
Hartman, Robert Inmate M W 61 S Germany  
Shaka or Shake, Otto Inmate M W 57 S Germany  
Switte, John Inmate M W 52 S USA  
Showc ?, Florenz Inmate F W 42 Wd USA  
Summers, Rino Inmate M W 5 S MI  
Johnson, Lucy Inmate F W 64 Wd MI  
Korkosky, Francis Inmate F W 69 Wd Poland  
Bean, Elizabeth Inmate F W 83 Wd USA  
Slate, Calvin Inmate M W 36 S MI  
Bennett, Hattie Inmate F W 48 S MI  
Anderson, B B Inmate M W 68 S MI  
Keller, Jay Inmate M W 70 Wd USA  
Weaver, John Inmate M W 88 Wd USA  
McCreary, Robert Inmate M W 46 S USA  
Fisher, Roy Inmate M W 35 S MI  
Wise, Oren Inmate M B 71 S USA
Edgin, Nancy Inmate F W 39 S MI  
Baker, Emma Inmate F W 17 S MI  
Starke, Joseph Inmate M W 79 S Germany  
Johnson, M Inmate F W 91 Wd Sweden  
Patua, Frank Inmate M W 73 Wd Ohio  
Kawalky, August Inmate M W 69 S Germany  
Smith, Henry Inmate M W 65 S Germany  
Vogel, John Inmate M W 77 S USA  
Koehler, Charlie Inmate M W 64 S Germany  
Shook, Will Inmate M W 52 S USA  
Batcheler, Isabella Inmate F W 88 Wd USA  
Bartholomew, Laurentin Inmate F W 89 Wd USA  
Reevels, Rebecca Inmate F W 90 Wd USA  
Miller, John Inmate M W 51 S USA  
Stanley, Mrs Inmate F W 66 Wd USA  
Ends enumeration  

County Poor House - 1930 Federal Census, Berrien Co., MI - Berrien Twp page 266 A & B
Enumerated on the 22nd of April 1930

Name Relationship
Sex Ethicity Age Marital Status Age at 1st marriage State Born Occupation added notes
Darling, Francis Keeper M W 55 M 21 MI Keeper Became keeper April, 1927
Darling, Jennie B wife F W 50 M 28 Canada Matron  
May, Sarah Belle Step-daughter F W 19 S   MI none  
Steele, Myrtle E Cook F W 40 S   MI Cook  
Wycoff, Juliette Nurse F W 53 Wd   MI Nurse  
Laney, William M Laborer M W 49 D   MI Laborer  
Hanes, Anna Inmate F W 74 Wd   MI    
Roane, Percy W Inmate M W 69 S   Miss    
Mundt, Amelia Inmate F W 65 Wd   Germany    
Bonnett, Hattie Inmate F W 45 S   MI    
Wells, Ralph Inmate M W 68 Wd   MI    
Wright, Reuben Inmate M W 78 Unk.   Kentucky    
Shake, Otto Inmate M W 66 S   Germany    
Manning, Kate Inmate F W 59 S   Wisc.    
Danforth, Flora A Inmate F W 69 S   USA    
Chappel, William Inmate M W 80 Unk   Wisc.    
Dewey, Harry Inmate M W 57 Unk   USA    
Brown, Henry W Inmate M W 69 Wd   Penn    
Russel, Charles Inmate M W 87 Wd   Kentucky correct spelling
Russell died this yr 1930
Murray, Robert Inmate M W 51 M 27 Penn    
Saltzgiver, William H Inmate M W 66 Wd   Ind    
Moran, John Inmate M W 66 Wd   Ireland    
Siebert, August Inmate M W 63 D Germany    
Goldfuss, Kate Inmate F W 47 S   Indiana    
Mitchell, George Inmate M W 78 Wd   MI    
Hobart, Adelbert Inmate M W 58 Wd   MI    
Lufkin, Laura Inmate F W 83 S   Maine    
Stevens, Leonard Inmate M W 65 D   MI    
Rowley, Mary Inmate F W 60 Wd   MI    
Slate, Calvin Inmate M W 56 Un   USA    
Stinson, John Inmate M W 74 Wd   Mass    
Bean, Elizabeth Inmate F W 92 Wd   Canada    
Bergwalt, Reinhold Inmate M W 26 S MI    
Christeon, LaVerne Inmate M W 40 Unk   Ind.    
Fowler, William Inmate M W 81 Wd   MI    
Edgin, Nancy Inmate F W 49 S   USA    
Grimes, Mande Inmate F W 42 S   USA    
Nolan, Frank Inmate M W 77 S   Ind    
Hildebrand, Henry Inmate M W 75 Unk   Germany    
Jackson, Albert T Inmate M W 57 D   Illinois    
Anderson, John Inmate M W 69 S   Sweden    
Smith, Louis Inmate M W 47 S   Illinois    
Webb, William Inmate M W 66 S   Delaware    
Simpson, Frank Inmate M W 71 S   MI    
Wockrow, Hannah Inmate F W 73 Wd   Germany    
Mead, Mary Inmate F W 76 Wd   England    
Lowe, David Inmate M W 61 S   New York    
Lindner, Charles Inmate M W 71 S   Ohio    
Noey, Ella Inmate F W 60 Wd   MI    
Mills, John Inmate M W 80 Wd   New York    
Arnold, Will Inmate M W 74 Wd   New York    
Thompson, Bert Inmate M W 63 Wd   Wisc.    
Andrews, Etta Inmate F W 65 S   MI    
Andrews, May Inmate F W 61 S   MI    
Portinga, Bessie Inmate F W 80 Wd   Holland    
Servia, Louis Inmate M W 70 Wd   MI    
Pierce, Elmer S Inmate M W 62 Wd   Illinois    
McGuire, Henry S Inmate M W 70 Wd   New York    
Mendell, Charles Inmate M W 60 Wd   Illinois    
Croghan, Dan Inmate M W 78 S   Wisconsin    
Garrett, James Inmate M W 90 S   England    
Reid, John Inmate M W 74 S   Wisconsin    
Langdon, Nettie Inmate F W 62 S   Illinois    
Padgett, John Inmate M W 83 Wd   New York    
Huling, Mark C Inmate M W 77 Wd   Ind.    
Grieger, Paul Inmate M W 39 S   Russia    
Chappel, Ed Inmate M W 75 Wd   New York    
Canfield, George Inmate M W 83 M   Vermont    
McGowan, Dennis Inmate M W 74 S   Rhode Island    
Penny, William Inmate M W Un Un   Unknown    
Burgess, Edward Inmate M W 59 S   MI    
Campbell, Amanda Inmate F W 71 M   Illinois    
Runnels, Harry Inmate M W 43 M 35 Indiana   WWI Vet
born bet.1885 & 1887 died 1981
buried Marion Co., IN
Brasmse, Homer ? Inmate M W 70 M 22 Holland    
Miller, Addie Inmate F W 79 Wd   New York    
Murdock, Andrew Inmate M W 65 Wd   Vermont    
Woller, Amanda Inmate F W 50 S   Illinois     
Dowd, Marvin H Inmate M W 76 S   Ohio    
Sanford, George W Inmate M W 73 Wd   MI    
Barber, Joseph Inmate M W 51 S   Penn    
Hart, Gilbert A Inmate M W 70 D   MI    
Gladstone, William Inmate M B 30 S   Georgia  
Besaw, Clarence Inmate M W 50 S   MI    
Close, James Inmate M W 85 S   New York    
Winchell, Clinton Inmate M W 61 Wd   Indiana    
Hutchinson, Braziel Inmate M W 83 Wd   New York    
Ends enumeration    

Additional Inmates found through newspaper articles and other various sources.

A local St. Joseph newspaper for May 9, 1907 states that Samuel Ray, eighty years, an inmate at the county poor farm, wandered away and was later found and returned to the home. Samuel was slightly demented but survived the ordeal quite readily.

In July of 1880 an article appeared in the local newspaper. James Hewett 63 years of age had a severe form of cancer which had eaten away his nose and severely disfigured his face. At this same time a Mrs. Simpson, who had been employed at the farm, went to work at a knitting factory in St. Joseph and had made an acquaintance with a Miss Stewart. They conversed about the poor house and Simpson told Hewett that there was an old man with her same last name of Hewett and related his condition to Miss. Hewett. Miss Hewett relayed the story that when her father had left their home in Pennsylvania 13 years before, he had a small cancer on his nose. He had left the family home to sell a span of horses and had not been heard from since.   His wife and seven children spent a large amount of money trying to find him but to no avail. They came to think he had probably been robbed and murdered for his money. About eleven years ago, by shear coincidence, the family had moved to nearby Coloma, Michigan. As providence would have it, the daughter and father met.

January 30, 1913, per death certificate, John Dempsey died at the infirmary. He was approximately 49 years old. Body sent to Ann Arbor, Michigan for burial.

News Palladium, Benton Harbor, November 5, 1929 - Civil War Veteran, Patrick Egen, who enlisted and served with the 16th Regiment of the Iowa Infantry on May 3, 1864, as a Private; had long been forgotten and placed in the County Poor farm. That is until Lewis E. Kephart, postmaster at Berrien Springs and Congressman John. C. Ketchum, found out about his plight and also service to his county. Patrick Egen, was 83 years of age in 1926 and through the determination of these two men, received $5,000 in back pension and awarded $65 in a monthly pension from Uncle Sam.

Rawleigh W. Long "shorty" admitted to the infirmary on Dec 22, 1929 and died at 78 yrs of age January 14, 1930.

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