Berrien County, Michigan


In tribute to those who have gone before us

When we stand among the stones, at these final resting places, we hear the wind blow and the leaves rustle. We see the sun shine and the clouds pass by and we pause a while and think. These final resting places may be noted by a tombstone, a simple cross, or just a family memory of where an ancestor was laid to rest. These symbols remind us that once they had full lives with work and play; joy and sorrow; laughter and tears. We document these sacred areas and go beyond to seek out family and public records of their lives that are noted in writing.

The cemeteries listed below are meant as a study guide and most certainly not proof of dob or dod. Relatives of the deceased often made errors in exact dates and did the best they could. This along with transcription errors or weathering of stones, can make it challenging to give exact information.

Please be patient as we learn more about these cemeteries and add data.

Cemeteries of Berrien County Michigan with Townships - - - - - -

 Cemetery Township Directions or Locals Special Notes
B'nai Sholom Cemetery Benton East side of Crystal Ave.,
about 1/2 mi. N. of Napier Ave.
Active - some updating 23 July 2015
Bainbridge/Cemetery Bainbridge Territorial Road about 1/4 mi. West of M-140 - township owned Section 15 - Active -last updated 14 July 2015
Bakertown Cemetery Bertrand Galien-Buchanan Road at Hass Road intersection Inactive - last updated  6 Aug  2014 W. Brackett
Baptist Cemetery Bainbridge North side of Hill Road and West of Banbridge Center Road Section 4 - Inactive - needs additions checked on 14 July 2015
Benton Cemetery
aka Broadhurst or Mead Cemetery
Buchanan Private Property - Mead Road close to East River Road Section 24 - Inactive - noted on 2015
Berrien County Poor Farm Cemetery
aka County Infirmary Cemetery
Berrien Located in Berrien Springs in Berrien Township section 16/17 - Inactive - last updated Feb 7, 2014 by W. Brackett - from various county sources
Bertrand Bible Church Cemetery
AKA Truitts Chapel
Niles Bertrand Road and 17th Street in Niles Section 13 - Active  - older partial on line
partial as of 2010 and  noted on 2015
Bertrand CatholicNilesWest of Bond Street on Madeline RoadSection 15 
Bertrand Protestant Cemetery aka (Higbee) Niles Off of 3rd street in Niles Township Michigan, approx. 4 miles from Niles. Between Bertrand Rd. and Fulkerson Rd. off Third street Section 14 - Inactive - old 1930  DAR listing
a few family comments added on 22 July 2015
Bethel Cemetery Sodus Pipestone Road in Sodus Section 4 -Older burials checked 7/23/2015
Bond Cemetery -
AKA Beeson Cemetery or Purdy
Niles Bond street 1/2 mile North of US 12 Section 2 - Inactive most burials moved
Boyer Cemetery Bainbridge Carmody Road near the Boyer intersection Section 6 - Inactive - partial - 2015 updated
Boyle Cemetery Oronoko Hill Road near Freeling Rd. - Private Property Section 31- Inactive
Brant Cemetery Bainbridge E. side of Park Road & 1/2 S. of Napier Ave. in Benton Harbor - near Spinks Corners Section 32 - Inactive - partial updated 2015
Burke Cemetery Oronoko Located on Snow Road in Oronoko Township Section 27 - Inactive - listing enhanced 2015  
Byers CemeteryBainbridge Territorial Road about 1/4 mi. West of M-140 - township ownedSection 15 - Active -last updated 14 July 2015
Caldwell Cemetery
aka Eau Claire
Pipestone aka Eau Claire or Pipestone #2 Section 33 Active -partial listing 2015
California School Cemetery Lake California Road at Snow Road Section 30 - Inactive - - noted on 2015
Calvary Catholic Cemetery Benton south side of Napier Avenue near intersection of Crystal Avenue, Benton Harbor Section 29
Active Updated 07 Feb 2014 by William Brackett
Calvary (Catholic) Cemetery Niles Located on the west side of Chicago Road/US-12, business rte - Niles City Section 34 -  partial Updated 24 Jun 2014 by William Brackett
City Cemetery - St. Joseph
aka Lakeview Cemetery
St. Joseph 2100 block of Lakeview Avenue, in St. Joseph, West side of the street Section 26 -  noted on 2015
Coloma Cemetery Coloma N. side - Coloma Road on the West side of Coloma Section 29 - Active - partial Updated 23 Jan 2013 by William Brackett  noted on 2015
Colvin Cemetery Buchanan Terre Coupe Road, 1 mile north of Glendora Road. - On private property. Section 3 -Inactive
Crystal Springs Cemetery Benton Located N. side Napier Avenue between Pipestone Rd. & Crystal Avenue Section 28 & 29 -Active  - some updating 2013
Curtis (Smith / Curtis) Cemetery Hagar AKA - Hagar No.2 Cemetery or Hagar SE
S side of Coloma Road, 1/4 mile E of Kerlikowski Road, Coloma. -
section 25 - Inactive Updated 29 May 2014 by William Brackett   noted on 2015
Drew Cemetery
Old & New Drew
Chikaming Three Oak Road, Three Oaks. Drew Cemetery
now part of Riverside Cemetery
Section 22 - This page was last modified <4 July 2008   noted on 2015
Ely Graves Pipestone Private property - cemetery gone Section 24 - Inactive 
Fairview Memorial Cemetery - aka
County Line
Watervliet Located on Red Arrow Hwy on Northside - 2 miles East of M-140, in Watervliet Section 24 - Active - newer - need listing
Feather Cemetery - aka - Harner Oronoko North side of Hinchman Road - 3/4 mile E of Singer Lake Rd. Section 7 - Inactive-Reading done by:
Nancy Heib.  
noted on 2015
Ferry Cemetery Pipestone Eureka Road, Eau Claire Section 27 - Inactive - updated abt 2010
Forest Lawn Cemetery Three Oaks Forest Lawn Rd. - North Side, 1/2 mi. West of Three Oaks Rd. Section 15 - Active - some updating Dec 17, 2013
Franklin Cemetery Berrien W side Franklin Rd, 3/4 mile S of M-62, Berrien Center Sections 1 & 12 - Active
Galien Township Cemetery Galien US-12 near Adams Adams Rd, Galien Section 11 - Active - partially Updated July 19, 2014 by William Brackett
Geminder and Ward Graves (Smith Property) Galien Smith Property Cemetery (Geminder and Ward Graves) North of US 12, Galien
another on line list shows only two burials
Section 3 - Inactive 
Glendora Cemetery - aka - Weesaw Weesaw W side Cleveland Avenue 1/2 mi. S of Glendora Rd Section 10 - Active -  partial update 2014 by William Brackett
Graceland Cemetery Lake E. side Red Arrow Hwy North of Bridgman Section 8 - Active - partial update 2014 by William Brackett
Greenwood Cemetery Lake North Church Street 1/2 mile No of Lake St., Bridgman Section 18 - Active -partial Update 18 Oct 2013 by William Brackett
Harris (Clymer) Cemetery Hagar Little Paw Paw Lake Road. on Southside, 1/4 mi. East of Martin Rd. ( aka Hagar Township NE) Section 13 - Inactive - partial Deanna West 2010
Hickory Bluff Cemetery Lincoln 4290 Cleveland Ave, Stevensville Section 15 - Active - needs updating
Highland Cemetery St. Joseph aka Brown School Cemetery
City of St. Joseph ,- Brown School Rd., South side, 1/2 mi. East of Lake Shore Drive.
Section 3 - Inactive - partial Deanna West 2010
Hinman Cemetery   Baroda W Side of Hills Road, South of Shawnee Road at Snow Road, Baroda Section 25 - Active - small partial Deanna West 2010
Howe Cemetery Bertrand Turn South off of Hwy 12 on to South on Red Bud Trail, then East on Buffalo Road Section 12 - Active  small partial Deanna West 2010
Indian Grave Royalton unknown location. Section 16 - Inactive
Ives Cemetery Niles aka Harrah Road and/or Morris Farm Cemetery. Section 29 - Inactive - Last Modified : May 11, 2015
Johnson Cemetery Niles E side of US-31, 1/4 mile N of M-140, Niles Section 15 - Inactive - updated June 27, 2013
Kathryn Park Cemetery aka Buchanan Buchanan Corner of Fourth and Moccasin Streets in Buchanan Township. Graves moved Section 26 - Inactive - as transcribed on May 29, 2013 by William Brackett
Kniebes Cemetery Bainbridge on Friday Road just a half mile South of Camody Road - private property Section 5 - Active updated  17 July 2015
Lakeshore Cemetery or Lake Shore Cemetery Hagar AKA No. 4 Hagar Twp Cemetery
W side Eaman Road 1/2 mile N. of Maple Lane, Benton Harbor
Section 32 - Active updated Oct 9, 2012
Lakeside Cemetery Chikaming East & West side of Lakeside Road - 1/2 mile S. of Red Arrow Highway. Section 20 - Active updated Apr  9, 2015
Lett Cemetery Sodus Lett Road on the West Side - 12 miles South of Pipestone Road Section 25  Inactive updated Feb 7, 2012
Lincoln Township Cemetery
AKA Stevensville Cemetery
Lincoln W side St. Joseph Rd 1/4 S. of Marquette Woods Rd
Section 22 - Active -   updated Jun 6, 2015 
Long Lake Cemetery Berrien 2.4 miles SE of Berrien Springs - East side of Hwy 31, Berrien Springs Section 29 - Inactive
Maple Grove Cemetery - aka South Maple Grove Berrien N side Maple Grove Rd 1/2 mile E of Eau Claire Rd, Berrien Center Section 4 - Inactive updated Feb 7, 2012
Maudlin Cemetery
aka Basswood
New Buffalo Lakeside & Maudlin Road in New Buffalo Section 18 - Inactive - Initiated  Oct 19, 2012
Millburg Cemetery Benton Just North of Territorial on Roslyn Road, Millburg Section 13 - Active -Updated 17 Dec 2013 by William Brackett
McGowan Cemetery
aka Potter or Redden Cemetery
Bertrand Buffalo Road, 1/4 W of Bakertown Road
On private property.
Section 8 - Inactive -  updated Feb 7, 2012
Morris Chapel Cemetery Berrien Pucker St. at Chapel Rd, Niles Section 35 - Inactive updated Feb 7, 2012
Morton Hill Cemetery
aka Morton
Benton N side Territorial Road East of Paw Paw Ave, Benton Harbor Section 18 - updated Nov 16, 2013
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Sodus N side Pipestone Road near Hillandale Road, Sodus. Section 24 - Active  Initiated  Oct 19, 2012
Mount Zion Cemetery
- aka Dayton Cemetery or Dayton Lake
Bertrand Buffalo Road at Dayton Road, Buchanan Section 8 - Inactive  Initiated  Oct 19, 2012
New Troy Cemetery Weesaw S side Weechik Road, 1/4 mile W of California Rd, New Troy. Section 7 - Active Updated July 2, 2013
North Shore Memory Gardens Hagar E side of M-63/US-33/Blue Star Hwy 9 miles N of St. Joseph Section 15 & 22 - Active - initiated Jun 14, 2012
Oak Grove (Storick) Cemetery Oronoko N. side of Snow Road 1/4 mile E of Burgoyne Rd Section 28 - Active Updated 08 Apr 2013 by William Brackett
Oak Ridge Cemetery
aka Buchanan
Buchanan West side of Buchanan, between Front St. and Terre Coupe Rd. There is also an entrance from Polis St Section 34 - Active  Updated 19 Jul 2014 by William Brackett 
Orchard Hills Cemetery Niles Niles-Buchanan Road at tee-off for 12th hole Section 30 - n/a at this time
Pearl Grange Cemetery
aka Pearl Cemetery
Benton S side of Napier Ave - 1/4 mile W of Hillendale, Benton Harbor. Section 26 - Active updated Nov 14, 2014 by William Brackett
Penn Yan Cemetery Bainbridge W side of Bainbridge Center Rd, 1/2 S of Napier Ave., Watervliet Section 28, Active updated Dec 12, 2012 by William Brackett & Deanna West on July 21, 2015
Pine Grove Cemetery New Buffalo East side of US-12 in New Buffalo

aka Maple Grove in olden days
Section 9 - Active - Updated  02 Aug 2013 by William Brackett
Portage Prairie Cemetery
aka Evangelical
Bertrand W side of Orange Road just S of Chicago Rd., Niles Section 13 - Active update Dec 16, 2013 by William Brackett
Resurrection Catholic Cemetery St. Joseph W side of Lake Shore Ave, S of Lakeview Ave,  St. Joseph Section 26 - Active Updated 07 Feb 2014 by William Brackett
Riverside Cemetery Chikaming East and West sides of Three Oaks Road, one quarter mile north of Warren Woods Road, Three Oaks Take Red Arrow Hwy to Sawyer Road, turn right on Three Oaks Rd, down 2.8 miles Sections 22/23 - Active  Updated  July 18, 2013 by William Brackett
Riverview Cemetery
St. Joseph E side on Niles Road 1/2 mi. South of Lincoln Ave, St. Joseph Section 1 - Active   Updated  Mar 25, 2014 by William Brackett
Rose Hill Cemetery
aka Berrien Springs
Oronoko on South Rose Hill Road Section 24 & 25 - Active  updated Sep 15, 2013
Royalton Heights Cemetery St. Joseph Absorbed into Riverview Cemetery See Riverview Updated 18 Jan 2014 by William Brackett
Ruggles Cemetery
aka Baroda
Baroda 1/2 mile North of Lemon Creek Road on Stevensville-Baroda Road, North of the Village of Baroda Section 11 - Active - Updated 07 Feb 2014 by William Brackett
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Bainbridge S side of Hill Road, one mile east of Friday Road, Watervliet Section 9 - Inactive - need burial listing
partially updated on 10 July 2015
Saint Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery Bainbridge Bainbridge Center Road at Hill Road, Watervliet. Section 9 - Active  need burial listing
Updated on 13 July 2015
Salem Lutheran Cemetery Oronoko W side on Scottdale Road 1/2 mile S of Hinchman Rd Section 8 - Active Updated 08 Apr 2013 by William Brackett
Shanghai Cemetery Pipestone aka as or Pipestone #1 Cemetery
& New Shanghai/Old Shanghai/Pipestone/Shanghai/Shanghai Memorial -both sides of Park Rd, 1/4 mile N of Shanghai Road, Eau Claire
Section 18 - Active-  updated May 12, 2012
Shedd Cemetery Three Oaks one mile east of Three Oaks Road - N side of Spring Creek Road Section 23 - Inactive - last updated Feb 23, 2012
Sherwood Cemetery Buchanan W side of Red Bud Trail - 1/4 mile South of Miller Road, Buchanan Section 14 last updating Oct 21, 2012
Silverbrook Cemetery aka Springbrook or Niles Niles East side of Eleventh Street, south of Main Street, Niles Sections 35/36 - Active  Updated 28 Apr 2014 by William Brackett
South Union Cemetery
aka Berrien Center or Union
Berrien M-140 at Pokagon Rd, Berrien Center Section 22 - Active Updated 19 Nov 2012
Spring Run Cemetery
aka Scottdale
Royalton Scottdale Road and M-139 East & West side of rd - south of Niles Ave. Section 17 - Active Updated Jun 24, 2014 by William Brackett
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Watervliet Red Arrow Hwy - South side about 1/4 mi, W of M-140, Watervliet Section 27 - Active need burial listing
Stanard - Bridgman (Stanard Family) Cemetery Lake Baldwin Rd, Bridgman Section 19 need burial listing
Tryon Cemetery
aka Royalton
Royalton W side of Edison Rd , 1 mile S of John Beers Rd, off U.S. 33 - Private Property Section 29 - Inactive need burial listing
United Brethern Cemetery - aka Zion United Brethren Bainbridge corner of North Branch Road and Bainbridge Rd, Watervliet Section 10 
Watervliet Cemetery Watervliet N Side of East Red Arrow Hwy- 1/4 mile East of M-140, Watervliet Section 23 - Active Updated 25 Jan 2013 by William Brackett
Virginian's Burying Ground
aka McCoy, Reynolds or Dragoo
Buchanan Located at 936 Chippewa Street, in Buchanan Section 26 - Inactive  info added 2012 from Nancy Heib

Zion Evangelical Cemetery
aka - New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery
corner of North Branch Road and Bainbridge Rd, Watervliet same cemetery as United Brethren
Section 10 -  Updated on 21 July 2015

Zion United Church of Christ


south side of Black Lake Road, one-quarter mile east of Clawson Road, Eau Claire.

Section 12 small update William Brackett 2012

Caution - This should be used as a study site only. After locating a surname and given name, researchers should seek out their own proof to burials listed.

Site up for adoption.

This is an ongoing work in progress as more information is being constantly donated. We are placing these cemeteries  on the Internet in tribute of those who came before us. Please make sure to seek permission from the land owner if you are viewing a cemetery on private property. We suggest  that we all follow cemetery rules and regulations posted at various cemeteries. Simple cemetery courtesies should always be adhered to along with not disturbing any tumbled stones or putting any foreign chemicals on a stone when photographing. Please leave repairing stones or adjusting to the Sextons, associations, county or cemetery groups in charge of a particular cemetery.

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