Berrien County, Michigan

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Bible Records



Eli & Jesse Helmick Family Bible
pages from William Brackett
The John Johnson Bible Records
1782 - 1844
Submitted By John Walker
Transcription of a Diary written in 1870 by Dennis Priest Curtis as his family prepares for and journeys on a trip from St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan to the area that was to become known as Freemont, Grundy County, Tennessee.
Submitted & Transcribed By
Jackie Layne Partin
  Notes on Albert D. Ellison
from the desk of Sue Langley
  1907 From my Kitchen Window by:
Leota Kean
Transcribed and photos added by:
Sue Langley
  A Letter From Minnie Moon

Submitted & Transcribed By
Phyllis Ekovich
  The Ella Reum Diary Page's
Submitted By JamesClouse


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