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We need YOUR help!  If you have any resources at home or are willing to do lookups at the courthouse or library, please consider donating your time to help others researching in Berrien County.  Make this a more resourceful site for all.  

Please e-mail me, Deanna West to become a lookup Volunteer!

Volunteers will set their own guidelines, which will be listed in their offer. Please do not request more then is offered of them.
Volunteers are under no obligation to answer any requests which do not meet their stated guidelines. Be kind to our volunteers!!!
If you get bounced mail for an email address, or have any other problems, contact me with specifics.
Please do not write to me asking for anything not listed here, join the mailing list for Berrien County and ask for assistance there.

Please do not send more than one name or ask for more than one resource at a time. Make your query
as specific as possible.  Include the person's name, a date, place and the resource you want the lookup in.
Type in BERRIEN COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your e-mail and make your inquiry as
complete as possible with dates or approximate dates, first names, place names if known, etc.
DO NOT ask for all of one surname in the records, this may result in your e-mail being deleted without an answer.

Berrien County Lookups!

William Brackett is familiar with general Berrien County records and history. He will do look ups at the local libraries. You may contact him at
Carrie Gleaves has in her possesion a copy of the 1906 Berrien County History book and has agreed to look up imformation on names that she has indexed and donated to the site for your convenience. Before requesting a look-up from the book, please check out the Index.
Send request to

1906 Berrien County History Index: A - H, I - P, Q - Z

We NEED Volunteers!!!!

Please Contact Me If You Would Like To Donate Some Of Your Time And Become A Berrien County Volunteer.
We Sure Could Use Your Help...

Off Site Resources

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - Volunteer site for various types of lookups, from cemetery photos to public records lookups.

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