"A Salute to Our
Berrien County

Service Men & Women"
Berrien County salutes our past and present Military Personnel. Without them protecting us through the years we truly could not be One Nation Under God, and a Nation of free citizens.  We respectfully bow to your courage.
Please keep in mind that we are currently building this site and we honor the peace time and war time veterans we know of within our community as information becomes available or is donated to us.
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Revolutionary War  
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Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Berrien County

William Ferguson – buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery (Bertrand Twp) b. VA 1760 and d. 7/1/1844 – stone states he served under Washington.

Levi Brown: - Rose Hill Cemetery, Berrien Springs. - Pvt in Col Jonathans Moalton's Reg. b. 6/11/1763 and d. 10/20/1836

Ezra Chilson – Silver Brook Cemetery, Niles,Pvt. In Lt. Ingalls Co. under Col. Sprout of Mass. Served from June 1778 to January 1779
and another two months in Hopkins Privateer in a Rhode Island Unit. b. 11/ 20/1762 and d. 9/18/1838

Edward Otis, Oakridge Cemetery – Buchanan Pvt. In Conn. Troups b. 4/6/1766 and d. 6/6/1852 other date shows 1851

Saturday May 30, 1885 – Local Newspaper
Civil War Veterans in Berrien County St. Joseph and Royalton Cemeteries

Please note - some of the dates below were very difficult to read from old print.
St. Joseph City Cemetery    


Service Record


Capt. C. H Calmer

Co. I 19th MI Inf.

May 15, 1864

Richrad Lysaght

Co. I 19th MI Inf

Aug 7, 1872

L. J. Brown

Co. I, 19th Mich Inf

May 29, 1863

W. W. Brown

Co B, 7th MI Cav

Nov 16, 1884

Newman Abbott

Co I, 7th Missouri Inf

Jan 2, 1862

Sam'l J. Stephens

Co A 88th Ill Inf

Dec 21, 1883

Robt B. King

Co B, 12th MI Inf

Jun 16, 1870

Lyman Condon

Co. C, 7th Mich Cav

Jun 15, 1865

Abram F. Hummel

Co. A, 52d Wis Inf

July 5, 1880

Florence Ketchum

Co. I, 12 Mich Inf

May 31, 1872

Nelson Upson

Co. I, 7th Mo. Inf

Apr 21, 1878

Aaron Brewer

Co. I, 19th MI Inf

May 29, 1874

Capt. W. B. Barnes

Co. C 4th BNY Heavy Art

Nov 9, 1872

Capt. R. M Gordon

Co. K, 25th Wis. Inf

Oct 21, 1872

Otis Shaw

Co A, 4th Mich. Cav

Jan 18, 1875 (He was one that captured Jeff Davis)

Jack Boughton

Co. B, 7th Mich Cav.

Nov 24, 1879

Fitz H. Stevens

QM. 12 Mich Inf

Sep 7, 1870

Capt W. W. Edmonds

Co I, 7th Missouri Inf

May 22, 1861

John H Cassiday

Co. C, 7th Mich. Cav

Apr 1, 1878

Wm Freund

Co. L 3d Mich Cab

Jan 18, 1884

Calvin Aiken

Co. B, 24th Mich Inf

Mar 20, 1885

Robert Miller

Co. I, 19th Mich Inf

Oct 6, 1875

Charles Schoenbeck

Co. I, 19th Mich Inf

Jan 8, 1866

Jeremiah Van Riper

Co A, 156 Ill Inf

Apr 2, 1865

Alfred Lawrence

Co. G, 102 US Inf


Oliver Twist

Co. G, 102 US Inf.


Gates Upson

Co. B, 9th Mich Inf

Jul 4, 1862

John Brant

Co. I, 28th Mich Inf

Sep 21, 1870

David A. Stevenson

Co. I, 12th Mich Inf

Oct 5, 1863

Charles W. Reynolds

Missouri Squadron Gun Boat Louisville

Jan 10, 1874

Hewey M. Sweet

Bo. B, 12th Mich Inf

Aug 7., 1871

Fred. Johnson


May 1872

John D. Clark

Co. H, 22d Ind Inf

June 15, 1882

Gen. Calvin Britain

War of 1812

Dec 8, 1840

___ Williams

War of 1812

Stillman Wood

Capt of Riflemen - 3d NY Inf War 1812

Jan 19, 1881

Royalton Cemetery

Abram S. Evans

Co. L, 6th Mich Cav

Jan 30, 1885

Michael Kantner

Co. I,2d Wis.Inf

Feb 7, 1884

John Hager

Co. L 7th Mich Cav

Mar 1, 1863

Wm. M. Curtis

Co. B, 12th Mich Inf

Feb 28. 1882

Hanie Haskins

Co. D, 15th Mich Inf

Sep 4, 1877

Asher Lane

Co. I 19th Mich Inf

18?? - stone sent for 9/28/188?

Robert Brander

Co. H 53d Ind Inf

May 3, 1881

Alanson Risley

Co. B, 6th Mich Inf

Apr 10,. 1863

Phillip Riley

War of 1812

Nov 14, 1884

Riley A. Gregg

Co. B, 7th Mich Cav

Apr 16, 1877

John Sherer

Co., 19th Mich Inf

Adam Sinn

Co.__ 7th Mich Cav

Jan 6, 1883

Nelson Wilber

Co. G, 12th Mich Inf

Mar 18, 1862

Lewis Wilber

Co G, 12th Mich

Mar 8, 1867

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